Advanced analytics to measure, manage and grow your Magento stores.

Create unlimited reports

Our custom report builder lets you create an unlimited number of customer, product and sales reports. All accounts come with over 95 pre-built standard reports to get you started.

Enhanced product management

Identify your non-performing products, best sellers, top movers and upsell/cross sell opportunities.

Insights engine

Our insights engine constinuously mines your Magento store data looking for actionable opportunities to increase your sales through targeted customer engagement.

Moco Insight is a turn-key Magento analytics platform that gives you standard reports, a custom report builder and an actionable insights engine.

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 I'm serious.. the reports I'm able to generate, the information I'm able to get, and the ease and speed with which I can do it - I'm already saving specific reports and tying them to actionable tasks.

Johnny Wong

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Charts to visualise your data

Add charts to your reports to help you find the value in your data by visualising trends, spikes and events of statistical importance.